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Nina Dubra's Story

For many years I have been organising company acquisitions, relocations, systems & procedures, events, etc. I needed to formalise my extensive experience so that future employers would appreciate my scope. As with many employers, their training budget was too small to accommodate. So I financed the course myself. This has led me to a job in the NHS and now working as a Project Manager across all types of projects.

The PRINCE2 course provided me with the know-how to fill in my knowledge gaps and skills to be more organised (now considered to be a control freak by my colleagues). I no longer self-doubt as to what I may have left out in planning any type or size of project due to lack of knowledge or missing steps. I have even used the basis of PRINCE2 to move house, that's how adaptable the process is.

The next step for me is to complement and specialise using my commercial operational experience supported by PRINCE 2 and will be attending the Change Management course with Firebrand. All organisations go through change of one type or another and to be able to manage and organise those changes using the Firebrand courses is the next big requirement for companies for which I will hopefully be fully equipped to engage with.

I have very much enjoyed my successful training experience with Firebrand and regularly recommend the organisation which was acted on by my sister who also recently successfully completed her PRINCE2 qualifications through Firebrand.

Nina Dubra - Business & Project Manager