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Mary Campbell's Story

I've always had an interest in computers from being a young child. I grew up in a household with 2 brothers and they were also very involved in computing. I wanted to get into IT because I wanted to be in a career where I could continually grow and learn new things.

I saw the position for a Service Desk apprenticeship on Indeed and decided to apply through Firebrand. The apprenticeship sounded really good to gain some experience in an area that I wanted to get into and the job was at my local university. From the day I applied the process was probably one of the best I've had when applying for a job. I received a call from Keat who was the recruiter for Firebrand and he guided me through the process really well. Before I had my interview he ensured I was as prepared as I could be and gave me some good advice for which I will use in interviews to come.

For the future, I hope to continue to learn and develop my skills within IT. I am yet to find a specialist area in which I want to go into but have an interest in both networking and security. The courses I have attended at Firebrand have taught me so much and I've definitely acquired a massive range of skills within my year of apprenticeship. It's also given me the starting block to get into a new industry and the confidence to pursue a career in IT.

Mary Campbell - Service Desk Technician