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Luke Clark's Story

I have always enjoyed working in IT and after spending many years working in different trades, I decided to work in IT full time. And I now couldn’t imagine working in any other industry.

After speaking to one of Firebrand’s salespeople on the phone, they helped me understand what Firebrand can do for me and how they could help me succeed in my career.

My last training provider could not match up to the Firebrand portfolio which was my main reason for changing provider. Due to the small amount of time I have to have away from the office to attend a Firebrand, means that my company benefits of minimal employee downtime.

My company sees training as a very important part of the job as it helps them grow and allows us to display the certifications to our clients to demonstrate that we are experienced and trained to deal with their issues. This ultimately is my main aim, to ensure our clients are dealt with in the best way possible.

With my new skills, I’ll be able to work on more difficult problems and be able to understand more within my career especially knowing that I have a great opportunity with Firebrand to learn more!

Luke Clark - Network Analyst