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Daniel Burtenshaw's Story

When I started at Firebrand I was 17 and did a lot of Software Development in my free time. I was doing my first year at college doing Computer Science but we were made to do VB which I really didn't enjoy which is why I looked for an apprenticeship.

I have almost completed all my courses and have learned a huge amount from each of them. The quality of teaching at Firebrand is a big step up from any other education I have experienced in the past. You learn skills that help you with your job so that you can use them every day. I chose this apprenticeship as you still get great qualifications at the end and you can get hands-on experience in a real company doing a job that you want, as well as earning good money.

When I have finished the apprenticeship I will either continue to a Level 5 or I will stay at my job full time with the skills I have gained from Firebrand. In the future, if I choose not to do a Level 5 I hope that my employer will continue to let us go on new courses to help us gain more skills.

Daniel Burtenshaw - Software Developer