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Ahmed Khan's Story

I have been working within the IT Security field for the last 4 years now and love every bit of it. Every day you learn something new, whether it is a hardware related information or software related or could even be a good way to mitigate the threats which are out there. The reason for me to get into this industry was pure and simple, I do not like bullies and to me, hackers are nothing more than bullies. If I can do something with my skills and knowledge to stop these bullies from taking what is not theirs to begin with, then in my books I will have the last laugh.

I attended the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) course, in this day and age you hear about hackers finding their way into the network and then quietly making their way out. This course has helped me understand the technology which is out there that can help find information that you would normally dismiss. Made me realise that paying attention to little details can be very crucial and the laws that are out there that will help me. Bringing all of this information back to my workplace has helped me become better at my job.

I will want to progress myself in this field and would like to give back to the community with my knowledge and become one of the best forensic experts in this field. This course has certainly opened more doors in terms of learning and the hunger for knowledge.

Ahmed Khan -