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James Stubbs's Story

Spending much of my professional life working to support lawyers has been an interesting experience. I started by supporting a User at the desktop, these people are highly driven and paid to argue. The better they are, the worse they were to support.

One of the top skills I learnt early in my career is that of communication and diplomacy! Moving through my career, I have tended to move toward security and Identification. This has ended me up moving from the technical to the managerial role where I oversee the platforms that provide these functions.

Formalising my experiences with the CISSP qualification is the next step in my career. This will help improve my knowledge, recognise bad practice and improve my skillset. A boot camp approach to getting this qualification I've got to say it is a little like groundhog day... you have to trust the process and go where the instructor leads you but it seems to be working.

Long hours but Firebrand has the perfect setup here to isolate you from the outside world and get you learning the subject. No distractions.

James Stubbs - System Security and Identity Management Manager