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Gustavo Damy's Story

Cyber security is not just a “thing” that IT staff need to be responsible and aware of, cyber security is now impacting our everyday life. Before I attended the CEH training with Firebrand I knew it was an important topic that’s why I booked myself onto the course.

After the successful achievement of the training and acquiring the certification, it drastically changed my perspective of what currently can be done to minimize the risk of different vulnerabilities and cyber risks within my organization and its private digital communications. Now I’m more aware and being especially more proactive on different activities on cybersecurity. Not only professionally, also within my closer private circle, I'm promoting and being more responsible and conscious of the use of the Internet.

It is not so obvious nowadays for the regular user to detect scams, or to know if you are under surveillance. Therefore, now more than ever, it's important (I would say almost mandatory) that this type of ethical hacking training is considered and provided to at least a couple of people in each organisation.

Working for several years in an international organisation, with multiple countries with very different cultural backgrounds, it's continuously brought to my attention the importance to promote cyber security in a more comprehensive way, and without the proper intensive and very efficient training I received at Firebrand I wouldn’t have been able to do it today.

The support provided before, during and after the training by all the administrative staff was always excellent, and the quality of the course I think was really high, with very experienced trainers which provide you all the support you need to succeed in acquiring the certification. In addition, they provided information to review after the training to continue to learn about the complex world of cyber security. Once more I would like to thank Firebrand for their excellent and professional training services, looking forward to my next training.

Gustavo Damy - Operations and Technical Specialist