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Luke Osborne's Story

I got into this industry because I have a passion for technology and the fast pace which it is evolving. I have been an IT Technician for nearly 4 years now and I'm always looking to expand my knowledge and improve my skills. I always want to be on top of the game and if there is anything I am unsure of I will always ask my boss for help or training on the certain area.

The course which I have chosen is CompTIA A+ and Network+, with the skills that I learnt I put them into my own practice and shared my new knowledge with my colleagues. I chose to do the apprenticeship because it is a great way to learn the required skills for the job that I do and gain further skills that I may require as my career develops.

My aspirations are to have my own network that I run or to have my own networking/IT company. The training helps with this as it will provide me with the knowledge of how all the processes work to be able to get things up and running for customers. It also helps in the way that I can pass this information on to employees or even use Firebrand as a training source for my company as I know how much you can learn from this process to expand knowledge.

Luke Osborne - IT Technician